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      McPO All of series

      • Lock body:70/60mm single latch|VC5572 European standard|N5572 European Standard with Automatic Ejection|V5572 European Standard|M6293D American standard with batteries box|M6293 American standard|M7093 American standard (big)|MN6293D American with Automatic ejection|WN6293D American with Automatic ejection|Mechanical 50 single latch |Mechanical 7094 US|Mechanical E35|Mechanical 3085|WN6293DK American standard with AC
      • Function:Mifare Proximity card|IC card|Magnetic card|RF ID card (read only)|TM|Mechanical|PMS System|Keypad and RFID|Fingerprint and RFID
      • Color:Gold|Satin Silver|Antique/Rosiness Gold
      • Material (Panel):
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